Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Director's Cut - UK 3 CD Deluxe Edition

This is another post that was in desperate need of a huge redo, so here it is.

I carefully took a scan of everything for this new updated version, so if some of my scans came out a little wonky apologies - I was only trying to be careful and not destroy the packaging.

Director's Cut had two separate CD releases. A Single release version and a deluxe version (or Collector's Edition as it's listed on the packaging). The Deluxe version contains Director's Cut, a re-release of The Sensual World and a re-release/remastered edition of The Red Shoes.

I absolutely love the packaging on this. It comes in a thick book-like package, which is absolutely stuffed full with photos. The packaging is noticeably larger and thicker than the single standard release of Director's Cut, but both versions are nicely and neatly compact. If I have one slight complaint to make about the packaging, it's the little pockets which hold the CDs. They're very tight fitting and it's extremely tricky trying to get the CDs out without touching the underside.

To make things easier, I've decided to break things up into three sections, so that each album and portion of the book will have their own section since there are different things going on here.


This is the first release of Kate's to feature the new full colour Fish People logo design on both the record labels and the CDs. The Director's Cut portion of the booklet in this deluxe edition is exactly the same as the LP release. There are some fantastic shots of Kate here, and most of the photos featured here are themed around birds and fish people. Stunning photos.

Director's Cut is a reworking of specific tracks from The Sensual World and The Red Shoes that Kate clearly wasn't happy with when they were originally released. I know a lot of people weren't happy with this one when it first came out, and some still moan about it to this day, but I absolutely love it. I like how some things have been toned down and other things brought forth. Songs that were originally good to start with come across as even better to me now with these reworkings. It's definitely worth a good listen if you haven't heard it yet, or even listened to it in a while. I also think if people stopped comparing these tracks to the originals and started treating them as new entities they would have a much better experience with them overall.


First re-release to feature the new full colour Fish People design on the CD. Although this one hasn't been remastered, it does oddly sound more clear to me.

The booklet section for this one is nice, and I'm assuming that it's the same with the individual release for this album. I love the inclusion of a couple of new photos... although a few more would have been good too!


First re-release to feature the new full colour Fish People design on the CD. This is also a remastered edition of the album. I have loved this album ever since it was first released in 1993, but I love it even more with the new remastering. The sound quality is so much better and it's particularly noticeable on tracks such as Eat The Music, Lily and Constellation of the Heart. Speaking of Lily, the line from the new version, "Who's on the left. Who's on the right." is actually in the original version as well... something I never knew before until I heard this remastered version. It's amazing how different the entire album now sounds. I do have one little gripe about this release, which is more of a disappointment really. I think the decision to quickly fade out the violins at the end of Big Stripey Lie has ruined the ending to be honest. I love this song and I love the violin ending - cutting it down like that is such a tragic shame in my opinion. Aside from that the remastering is fantastic. I can almost tolerate Prince now on this remastered version... almost!

The booklet section is nice. Again, I'm assuming that the individual release is the same. I like that it was mainly kept the same as the original version with the fruity background, but I also love the inclusion of a few new pics.

This is definitely worth picking up if you haven't already got it.

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