Monday, March 21, 2011

The Illustrated Collector's Guide to Kate Bush and Tom Richards of C-Side Records

I've been in two minds about discussing this for a while, but recent revelations have forced my hand. I feel it is my right to discuss this, and to warn others out there that are collectors of Kate merchandise. Many of you looking at this post now, will no doubt be familiar with this book at the side. It's the first edition of 'The Illustrated Collector's Guide to Kate Bush', which came out around 1991. I threw mine in the garbage years ago. Anyway, for those of you that kept your original copies, and for newer fans that ever come across the book, take note of the name and address below, which is featured on the inside cover (or inside first page) of the book. Tom Richards C-SIDE RECORDS, PO BOX 8456 CLEARWATER, FL 34618. Phone 1-813-461-4327. This individual is a scam artist and will rip you off. I recently found him operating on eBay, which is basically what pushed me to write this post. I won't mention his user name, but he proudly boasts his real name, and the fact that he used to run C-SIDE RECORDS. I will only say this once to anyone that reads this. If you come across this person on eBay "selling" Kate Bush items, STAY AWAY FROM HIM. You have been warned!!! In the 90s, I wrote to this individual, using the address that was inside the book. There was no internet then, so letters, faxes and phone calls were the thing. Anyway, C-Side Records was still in operation, according to Mr. Richards, who sent me a list of Kate items that he currently had in stock for sale. There was one item that I really wanted, so I went to the bank and got a money order made out to him in U.S. funds and sent it off to him. A full month went by and nothing, so I called him. He had gotten my money order weeks ago, and told me he would be sending out the item the same day that I phoned him. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach at that point. A week went by, then another, and another... see where this is going??? One month turned into two, and so on. Each time I called him or faxed him about it, he had some excuse. I got so tired of his lame excuses that I finally took matters into my own hands and reported him to the Clearwater Police Department in Florida. I also lodged a complaint against him through the Postal Service in the U.S. where he kept his P.O.Box #, laying claim to the fact that he was using his mailbox for fraudulent purposes. Instead of nabbing him then and there, the Postal Service had some dumb policy of allowing 45 days for an issue to be resolved between the two parties before they initiated any action. And guess what??? He cancelled his P.O.Box services within that time frame. Big surprise! At least there was a permanent record of the complaint I made. As for the Clearwater Police department... I sent them a copy of the cancelled money order statement, which had been sent back to my bank once cashed by Mr. Richards. It had been clearly signed by him. I also sent them copies of all the phone conversations, faxes and anything else I could think of. But, due to the fact that he told the police so many lies, which ranged from being in a hospital for an operation, to selling the business off to someone else, he was literally able to get away with mail fraud. That's quite alright as there is also a permanent complaint filed with the Clearwater Police Department against him as well. It royally pissed me off to see his name again after all these years. The fact that he's on eBay, still claiming to be selling Kate Bush merchandise, boasting of the "business" he once had, but neglecting to tell people what he's really like, shows me that he's still at it. I can't allow that to happen. If this helps even one person from being ripped off by this scammer, then it's all good as far as I'm concerned. Do not deal with this person if you come across him on eBay. Again, you have been warned!

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