Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Man With The Child In His Eyes - Holland 7" Single

The Holland release for this single uses the same artwork that's found on the UK version. However, this release has more of a brownish hue to the entire thing, almost giving it a kind of muddy look to its appearance. It's an interesting effect and a nice variant of the release.

The sleeve is also textured, sort of in the same way that the original UK picture sleeve of Hounds of Love is, but this sleeve is more paper-like. The back of the sleeve also features two solid brown vertical lines on either side, which aren't on the UK sleeve. There also isn't any distribution information listed on the back either.

The record has large centre holes, but the labels are reminiscent of the UK ones at that time. Apart from the catalogue number, there's also no distribution information on the labels either.

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