Monday, December 13, 2010

Aerial - UK First Issue Pressing

First and only vinyl pressing to date. The original shrink wrap is stickered, but I never bothered with this part. The front and back of the record jacket have the exact same artwork as the original CD release.

The jacket is a gatefold sleeve, and there's an album stored on either side of the jacket along with the booklet.

It also comes with the same booklet that's found in the CD release. The LP booklet is the largest sized version you can get. While I'm not a fan of some of the art in the booklet, there are some really nice art pieces in it as well. It may not be noticeable here, but when I was scanning this in, my scanner ended up cutting off a fraction of an inch on each page. Since scanning in this entire album has been a nightmare, I'm not going to worry over slightly chopped off pages.

Pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl, the double record set comes in two separate black paper/plastic lined inner sleeves. I didn't waste my time scanning these sleeves in. The record labels are black, and there are no messages scratched into the run-off vinyl.

One of my favourite parts about this double LP is the sound quality. The sound is much richer in my opinion. Interestingly enough, over the years I've read online comments about people having trouble with the LP. People have complained that the records are faulty in some capacity. Some claim sound distortions, especially prevalent on the second record, or other faults. I have never experienced any sound issues of any kind with my copy, and neither has anyone else that I know of who also owns a copy. I've got to wonder if the fault isn't with the vinyl itself, but with the type of turntable used. Not all turntables are the same. If the arm isn't properly adjusted that also makes a difference. Oh, and making sure your stylus is kept cleaned or replaced when it's worn out also helps a lot.

Aerial didn't have a huge vinyl pressing. These days it's considered rare, highly sought after and very expensive to buy when it does turn up online.

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