Monday, December 13, 2010

Aerial (UK LP)

This is the LP version of Kate's last studio album... so far, and like 'The Red Shoes' LP, Aerial is also becoming increasingly difficult to find... not to mention that the cost of this one is also rising. It's nice to have, especially if you collect Kate vinyl and want a complete set of UK albums.

As you can see from my photos, both the album jacket and the booklet have the exact same artwork layout as the CD, only bigger. The jacket is a gatefold sleeve, and there's an album stored on either side of the jacket.

The large format booklet is nice to have as well. It's surprisingly thin and not heavy at all. I remember when I first got the CD back in 2005, I was extremely disappointed with the lack of creative artwork in the booklet. Even with the larger LP format booklet it's still disappointing to look at. I've taken a few quick photos so that people can see that everything inside is the same. Personally, I would have preferred it if Kate had used the remaining promo photos that were done to promote this album as the artwork for this booklet instead. It would have been more appealing to me.

The records come in thick paper sleeves of their own, which are completely lined inside with plastic. I am a little disappointed that the picture labels we get on the CDs weren't featured on the records themselves. I've taken one photo of one the records, and you can see how plain the black labels really look here.

 My favourite part about this double album is the vinyl itself. The sound quality is much better, in my opinion, and definitely worth seeking the album out for alone.

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