Monday, November 1, 2010

Never For Ever - Japan First Issue Pressing

Original Japanese LP release for Never For Ever, and easily one of my favourites. This one comes with one of the nicest Obi-Strips for a Kate release, and these new scans really don't do it any justice. The colours have a sort of metallic finish to them.

The Japanese release reuses the same record jacket artwork front to back as the UK release. The only real difference on the back is a bit of Japanese writing at the bottom and some distribution information.

This is also a gatefold release, like the UK one, so you get all that wonderful artwork inside by Nick Price. You also get to see the reverse side of the Obi-Strip, which I unfortunately didn't move out of the way so some of the song lyrics are obscured.

The jacket does appear to be made from a slightly thicker card compared to the UK release, and it feels like it has a bit more weight behind it.

This release also uses the exact same picture labels that are found on the UK release. Apart from the Japanese catalogue number and distribution information, the labels don't differ in any other way.

Just like with other Japanese releases, this one also comes with an additional double-sided insert. The song lyrics are printed in full Japanese characters and it also carries some of the album's artwork on both sides. Apologies for the bad splicing job on this.

This is a rather stunning one to have if you can find a near mint copy of it with the Obi-Strip intact.

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