Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Under Review

Just to point out, my copy came from the UK directly and it's watchable for all regions. No need for special DVD players.


I'm personally not a fan of the DVD. For an independent critical analysis of Kate's career, it comes off more as a self indulgent load of crap by the people that are featured in the "interview" segments. They seemed to enjoy the sound of their own mouths wagging, while incessantly chewing over Kate's entire career. I was left feeling as though I was at a boring seminar, listening to a long-winded speech, which I couldn't wait to be over.

I did like the interview segments with Morris Pert, who was a session musician on 'The Kick Inside'. However, the real shame lies in the fact that his "bits" of interview were fairly short, and completely overshadowed by the other long-winded interviews that made up a huge part of this DVD. He had some really nice things to say about Kate, which I enjoyed hearing. Too bad there wasn't more of his interview included as it might have made it more worthwhile, instead of heavily relying on so called expert opinions.

The DVD also makes use of a lot of video and interview clips throughout the years, up until 'King of the Mountain', but there really isn't anything special on here that you can't already find online.

Even though it's not an official DVD, or authorized by Kate, I feel they missed a great opportunity to do something a little more interesting than what was presented. I realize the intention was a 'Critical Analysis', but I also feel that the interview segments are filled with people that are so hung up on themselves that they can't get past their own self-importance.

Overall, it would probably suit a new fan as an introduction to Kate and her music, but there isn't really anything here for long-term fans. In my opinion, this DVD was sold on two facts: It's Kate Bush and it's a DVD release. The content is another story altogether. If I lost this DVD tomorrow, I probably wouldn't care.

I should also add that this DVD came in one of those thin cardboard type slipcase things that the DVD slid out from and also featured the same artwork that's found on the front and back of the DVD case. It's not featured in any of my photos because I threw it out. I hate those things. They're unnecessary, annoying and susceptible to easy edge and corner wear.

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