Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On Stage - Canada 12" Single: Second Issue

This is the second issue release of the Canadian 12" single for On Stage. The record jacket and artwork are fairly identical to the first issue release. If you take a look at the back of the jacket along the bottom left and right-hand corners, you will see two noticeably darker looking rectangles. The one on the right is considerably larger than the one on the left. These rectangles appear on all Canadian issues. In all likelihood they just copied a sleeve from elsewhere for the Canadian issue and needed a way to cover certain elements.

The inner sleeve for the record is just a plain white one. There's also no insert of any kind with this release, so you don't get any of the extra photos you would typically find in the 7" gatefold releases or in other versions of the 12".

Second issue record labels are completely different to first issue labels. First issue labels are two tone green with a large Harvest logo and lettering. The song titles are also printed in black using a completely different style font.

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