Thursday, October 14, 2010

Experiment IV (UK 12" Single)

There really isn't a whole lot to say about this one. It's nice if you're collecting all of Kate's 12" singles to have a complete set of them, but that's about it really. I'm also not particularly fussy about the artwork used on this single. Up until this point, the majority of Kate's singles (7" & 12") used artwork that was somewhat indicative to the song itself. For me, the artwork on Experiment IV is very lacklustre, almost bordering on cheap. Unfortunately, this would become the trend on the majority of Kate's singles to follow... just not as boring.

The back of the sleeve features a small photo of The Whole Story and lyrics for Experiment IV.

This single uses the 12" mix of Experiment IV, and reuses December Will Be Magic Again, as well as the new vocal of Wuthering Heights as the B-Sides. Although this was the only "New" single from The Whole Story, I do think it's a real shame that the new vocal of Wuthering Heights never got its own single release. Not sure how it would have done as a release, but people seem to like it just as much as the original version of it.

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