Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rocket Man - UK CD Digipak

I've decided to keep my original photos for this post on top of the new scans, so that people can get the full effect of this obnoxious thing.

This is the UK CD single for Rocket Man. When I got this back in 1991, I pretty much hated the packaging right away. I absolutely despise digipak packaging because it's cheap and nasty. Once you open something up that has digipak packaging, you can forget about keeping it in any kind of decent shape because the corners wear out fast. It also tends to get a lot of dents, scratches, rips, discolouring and lots of other wonderful things happening. Since I'm updating all of my old posts with new scans, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show you how quickly the packaging on these things can and do wear out, since you can't really see those things in my original photos.

The inside flips open in several different ways to reveal a few different black and white photos of Kate that were all taken from the same photo shoot.

When you look at the packaging unfolded in my photos and scans, you will clearly see where it's suffered the most wear and damage - and that's even with keeping it protected.

Overall, I'm not completely impressed with the packaging ideas for the CD or even with the 7" version of this single. The 7" single is just as bad, but for different reasons. That one comes with a wraparound folded poster, which usually suffers very badly.

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