Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving - Japan 7" Single

Japanese 7" single for Moving, which is cool as Japan is the only country where "Moving" was released as a single. The photo used for this single is the same one that's used for the Japanese cover release of The Kick Inside album. The photographer for this photo session was Gered Mankowitz. Here again you have all of this wonderful Japanese text written all over the front cover, which I think always looks stunning and adds a unique touch to these releases.

The back of the picture insert features the lyrics to both 'Moving' and 'Wuthering Heights' in English and Japanese.

The early Japanese releases always came with a green Toshiba EMI company sleeve as well. Later releases would mimic the UK releases and eventually become full picture sleeves, discarding the company sleeve/picture insert idea completely.

Next to UK releases, Japanese releases were my favourite ones to collect because they had an uniqueness about them that you couldn't find anywhere else.

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