Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lionheart (Original UK Release and UK Reissue)

I thought I'd do a simple comparison between the two, for those of you that may be seeking the original release and don't know what to look for. In the case of the Lionheart album there are some very simple and quick things to look for. In this photo, the original release is featured on the left (This is my slightly beat up copy as I don't like to get out any of my pristine copies and manhandle them), and the reissue is on the right. Although both come in gatefold sleeves, the reissue is made of slightly more lightweight material. The album jacket/artwork on the original has more of a matte finish, where as the reissue is more shiny, making the colouring of the artwork look slightly "off" in comparison to the original.

The original also has embossed lettering on the front, which is covered in a sort of brassy gold colour (which easily rubs off), and on the reissue the lettering is printed into the artwork (no embossing), and is more of a solid yellow/orange colour. The other key point between these two is that the reissue has the "Fame" logo printed at the top right-hand corner.


If you come across the original, but you're unsure whether the actual vinyl is original, or it's been somehow mixed up with the reissue, it's easy to tell them apart as there's a huge difference between the labels. The reissue has the "Fame" logo written largely on the album labels, with a sort of checkered outline. The original has a large "EMI" logo, with the inscription "Hope you like it!" in the run off dead vinyl.

The inside of both gatefold sleeves look identical, but they aren't. There are two significant differences to look out for. The lyrics inside of the original pressing are printed in red. The fame reissue lyrics are printed in black, and there's also a "Fame" logo at the bottom.

The catalogue number in the upper right-hand corner on the back of each record jacket is also different.



On a final note, the original record comes with an inner sleeve, which is a sort of light orange colour. Unfortunately, the flash on my camera has made it even lighter. The catalogue number of the original release is also found on the inner sleeve.

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