Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lionheart - UK First Issue Pressing

The original UK release has embossed lettering on the front cover in a sort of brassy gold colour, which easily rubs off. I've used my horrible copy to scan these photos, so hopefully you can see how some of it has rubbed off the letters. Reissue copies, such as the Fame release, has lettering printed into the artwork (no embossing), and is more of a solid yellow colour.

The catalogue number is located in the upper right-hand corner on the back of the record jacket. I know this scanned badly, so apologies. Reissues will typically have a different catalogue number or an added barcode.

The album is a gatefold release with photos and song lyrics inside. Later pressings, such as the Fame release will have the lyrics reprinted in black. I've also chopped this into two sections so that it will blow up larger.

The inner sleeve on the original release is a sort of peach colour. It also has the catalogue number printed in the upper right-hand corner. I only scanned this corner section so that it would show better.

The original record labels have large EMI logos on both sides, whereas a reissue like the Fame release will have large Fame logos on each side.

Also check the run off dead vinyl of the record. Only original releases have the inscription "Hope You Like It!" scratched into it.

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