Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lionheart - Greece LP

I found this years ago in London, England. I was trying to find a UK copy of Lionheart, and stumbling upon this, I thought I had one. It wasn't until I got back to my hotel that I realized it wasn't actually a UK copy, but a copy made in Greece. Needless to say, out I went again to find a UK copy and succeeded. My point to that little story is... Always make sure what you think you have is exactly what it is before you buy it.


This album jacket sort of has a flimsy feel to it, almost like the UK reissue. The lettering on the front is also not embossed, just like with the UK reissue. The front and back of the jacket do not differ in any way from the UK release, except for the catalogue number that can be found on the upper right-hand corner on the back.

Like the UK release, this is also a gatefold as well, and the inside is virtually identical to the UK release. The only real difference is the addition of some Greek printing and distribution information which shows it was made in Greece. I have taken an additional close up pic of this for people to see it better.

The record labels are identical to the UK ones, except for a different catalogue number and where it was made. Again, I have taken a close up on this for people to see.

This copy does have some noticeable edge wear to it, but the front and back covers themselves aren't half as bad as they may look. I didn't wipe the dust from it very well, and cameras don't seem to be very kind to dust.

Collecting variants of the same album can be fun. However, I used to draw a line at it, especially if the LP hardly differed to its original counterpart. A prime example would be the Japanese releases. Early Japanese pressings of albums and singles tended to differ significantly from the UK releases, so for this reason alone it was interesting and fun to collect them. However, later pressings of albums and singles tended to mimic the UK releases completely, and only differed slightly with the addition of a bit of Japanese text here and there on them. I gave up very quickly on Japanese releases once they became too similar to the UK releases as I didn't see the logic in buying literally the same thing over and over. Although I didn't purposely go looking for this Greek copy of Lionheart, variants can still be interesting to look at.

As I recall, I think I paid £2 for this at the time, so I think I did alright.

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