Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kate Bush - Mini LP: Black Standard Release and Two Variant Colours

The 12" Mini LP was released as a special limited edition in six different variant colours. These colours include: Blue, Yellow (Gold), Brown, Green, Clear and White. Some people like to include the Black version in this list, but since the Black version was a standard release, and not a variant, I personally don't. All variants, including the Black standard release were issued in identical record jackets. The colour vinyl releases did have a sticker on the shrink wrap indicating that it was special colour release. Unfortunately, I never saved any of these from the ones I collected.

This post contains the Black standard release, along with the White and Yellow colour variant releases. I started to collect these when they were nearly out of mainstream circulation in record shops, which also means I bought these brand new. It unfortunately meant the only way I would be able to get the remaining ones at the time would be through some organized record fair at jacked up prices - I never bothered.

Over the years it's been alleged that some of the variants were pressed in much smaller numbers, and this was the reason why some have become much more expensive than others. Since this is only speculative, and with no official documentation to support this fact, you really have to treat this with a grain of salt. If I was still a regular collector, I wouldn't be able to justify spending hundreds of dollars on one of these variants just because someone has stated it's more rare. It's lunacy in my book.

A recent online rumour has started to float around about the existence of an additional colour variant that was never included as part of the original six (seven). If an additional variant exists, and I highly have my doubts about this one, then I can only draw one of three conclusions about it. It would either have to be a colour test pressing that never got an official release for some unknown reason; a fake item is floating around - or, the more likely explanation, it's just a hoax. This story has literally appeared out of nowhere.

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