Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Saying It... (12" Interview Disc)

I came across this one years ago at a record fair. On first glance it looked very interesting because I had never seen it before, and nor have I ever seen it since. The album is called "Just Saying It...", with the rest of the line printed on the back. It wasn't until I flipped it over that I found out it was another interview disc. This intrigued me a little as I had never seen a interview disc come in a "proper" album sleeve before, but it also didn't leave me to believe it was any more legit just for that reason alone. As I've discussed before, interview discs have a huge history behind them concerning their legality. Anyway, I thought it was interesting and decided to buy it. It was a very cheap price, from what I recall, and getting anything Kate related was always a plus.

The most interesting thing about the interview disc itself is that the vinyl is a mauve colour, which is even more cool. Although you can't see it in my pictures, when it's held up towards the light it has the same sort of marbled effect which can be found on the pink and grey Hounds Of Love album. The paper record labels are different on each side: One side lists the interview year(s), catalogue number and where it was made, and the other side features a b/w photo of Kate. I only ever listened to this album once. I can't honestly recall if it's all repeated material or not, but in all likelihood it is. Still, it's an interesting addition.

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