Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hounds Of Love - UK LP Simply Vinyl 2000 Reissue Release

I bought this brand new back in 2000 when it was first released. At the time I had a choice to make between this one and The Whole Story, which had also been released by Simply Vinyl around the same time. I couldn't justify buying both of them as the shop was charging a fortune for each one, so I decided on Hounds of Love.

I believe both Hounds of Love and The Whole Story had limited edition runs, and both were pressed on 180g virgin vinyl. The albums were also placed into thick pvc wallet sleeves and sticker sealed, then shrink wrapped sealed very loosely. Mine still remains sealed to this day, so I can't show you more than just the outer sleeve. From what I've been told, the record has black EMI labels and the inner pocket sleeve has been substituted with an insert. 

Closer look at the sticker on the front of the sleeve in the upper right-hand corner. The sticker is actually placed on the thicker pvc sleeve.

Closer look at the imprinted 'Simply Vinyl' name and logo that's been imprinted on the back flap of the pvc sleeve.

Closer look at the hologram sticker that's also located on the back, but in the upper left-hand corner. Unfortunately, none of these things seem to scan or photograph very well due to the thick plastic sleeve and shrink wrap exterior. I did the best I could with all of this.

Closer look at the sticker seal on the back flap of the pvc sleeve.

Closer look at the 2000 copyright... just in case it doesn't show well in my full scan of the back sleeve.

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