Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Whole Story - USA/Canada VHS Release

The Whole Story was released on VHS video in both the USA and Canada. Basically they were all manufactured in the U.S. and copies were distributed in Canada - so all boxes carry the same catalogue number.

Just like with the rest of Kate's North American releases, this too was also issued in a full cardboard box. The front and back artwork is pretty identical to the original UK release from that time.

One of the more annoying things with some of these older videos are the cassette stickers. Over time the glue would begin to bleed through the sticker leaving it discoloured like it was full of grease spots. I bought this video brand new back in 1987, and once upon a time this sticker was a solid white colour. The stickers you find on the UK Moments of Pleasure box set and the 12" single for Moments of Pleasure are also prone to do this problem. In those cases I would strongly suggest leaving the stickers right where they are. Attempting to remove them can cause irreparable damage - and at the very least you'll be left with a sticky permanent mess of glue residue on these items that can never be removed.

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