Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Woman's Work - UK CD Box Set

UK CD box set of This Woman's Work that was released in 1990. I only ever bought this one and the LP version at the time. I had no desire getting the cassette version. In fact, I was surprised that a cassette version had even been issued at that time as tapes were pretty much on their way out the door by that point.

All versions of the box set are difficult to get a hold of now and are definitely pricey. The LP version is easily the most expensive and will cost you a fortune. This post has now been completely updated with brand new scans of everything. Apologies for any wonkiness, microscopic dust particles and other special effects created by my scanner.

This is the bottom of the box where you will find the original sticker that features the catalogue number. These do tend to wear out over time, and being the original owner of this one you can see how it's started to wear out years ago. I put clear tape over the sticker about 20 years ago to preserve what was left of it. That wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do, but having the sticker situated at the bottom of the box is pretty stupid to start with.

All three versions come with three sets of stickers. All of mine are still unused to this day.

Each version of the box set also comes with a booklet. Depending on which version you own, the size is going to vary. The LP box set has the biggest version of the booklet - obviously!

The Kick Inside


Never For Ever

The Dreaming

Hounds of Love

The Sensual World

This Woman's Work - Volumes I & II: These two volumes contained most of Kate's b-side tracks and 12" mixes up to that date. They were exclusive to this box set only and were never sold separately. Over the years there have been additional CDs floating around titled This Woman's Work Live or This Woman's Work III bearing the cover art from these CDs, but using a green background and featuring a double symbol image. One features all live tracks and another version boasts of being a promo. They aren't. They're bootlegs and nothing more. The two volumes from this box set are the only official ones.

This Woman's Work - Volume I

This Woman's Work - Volume II

As a side note, the box set was released in these quantites: LP Version (7,000 units), CD Version (7,000 units) and Cassette Version (4,000 units). This applies to the UK releases only as far as I know.

At the time of its release, This Woman's Work was the largest ever box set to be released by an artist. It's no longer the case these days, but at the time an 8 CD box set was a huge deal.

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