Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aerial - U.S.A. Promotional Press Pack

U.S. promo press pack for Kate's Aerial Album. It includes a two page (one page/both sides) biographical press release and one 8x10 black and white promotional photo.

Press packs and press kits are distributed to radio stations or news media for promotion of an artist and his/her new album. Press packs and press kits are really fun things to collect, but they are also highly sought after and in many cases difficult to find. They can also vary in price substantially, depending on the artist, as well as how simplistic or elaborate the promo press item is. Press packs are usually more simplistic than a press kit, and they usually comprise of a fact file sheet and one photo (sometimes two). Press kits can be highly unique in their design and very difficult to come across. They can comprise of anything really; a promo stamped album with several promo photos inserted into a special folder. They can be highly illustrated fold-out folders featuring special text, with attached photos and badges. Basically they comprise of anything a record company wishes to use in order to promote an artist and their album.

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