Saturday, July 24, 2010

Live At Hammersmith Odeon - Video & CD Pack: Canada Release

Canadian release of the box set version of Live at Hammersmith Odeon, which came with the video and a first time CD release. This was also released in the UK under the pal video system. I have absolutely no idea if this got released in any other countries or if it was just exclusive to the UK and Canada

This came in a rather thick clamshell type packaging, and the insert design is fairly identical to the original.

The biggest selling feature of this set was clearly the CD. Up until that point, the Hammersmith show had never been officially released onto CD. There were a lot of lousy sounding bootlegs out there, but that was all. It was a clever marketing move since the CD was exclusive to this set only, and it's never been given a separate release since.

The CD has a double-sided single page insert. It falls out pretty easily if you aren't careful.

The back of the insert pretty much has the same artwork that's found on the rest of the packaging.

If you can get a hold of the CD it's worth having. The sound quality is amazing.

My only disappointment with this set is the video itself. Despite the fact that the label area is stamped with a 1994 copyright on it, along with a new catalogue number, the transfer on this video is the exact same one from the original video release years prior. For the kind of money that this sold for at the time, I did expect something a little better than that - but as I said earlier, the CD was the big selling feature of this set and they knew it.

This box set has long been deleted now, but it still turns up from time to time. If you're desperate to get it because of the CD, just be prepared to pay some money for it because you won't get it for cheap.

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