Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Line, The Cross & the Curve - Canada VHS Release

This was the first issue release for Canada, and possibly the only one. I don't think this video ever got a reissue in Canada later on. Unlike UK video releases, both Canadian and U.S. video releases came in full cardboard boxes, which also meant they had a spine on both sides of the box and a flap along the top. I actually despised these cardboard boxes with a passion because if you didn't keep them in their original cellophane wrapping, the edges tended to wear out pretty fast from handling.

One of the more interesting and odd things about the Canadian release is that it features the UK grading classification symbol on the front, back and spine areas of the box. This is the only case where a Canadian release of a Kate video has ever donned the UK grading classification symbol on a box, so it's my guess that the sleeve was directly copied from a UK one with some minor changes made.

This was also the only Kate release in Canada that didn't have a sticker label on the video - but a silver paint lettering application instead.

Despite everything that people have read or heard throughout the years, The Line, The Cross & The Curve has never been officially released onto DVD to this day - not in any country. Basically it all started because of places like Amazon and HMV who jumped the gun on it to begin with, and they listed it as a pre-order without actually knowing one way or the other. When DVDs first started to flood the market it was automatically assumed by these places that it wouldn't be long before videos like TLTC&TC would be issued onto DVD, so when it didn't happen, all the Chinese whispers and rumours of the elusive official DVD continued on through the years. It's as simple as that. There have been some nice bootleg DVDs made of it over the years, but never an official release.

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