Sunday, July 11, 2010

King Of The Mountain - Canada CD Single

I bought this brand new back in 2005, which is still sealed to this day. Unfortunately I won't be opening this one up.

Even though this was marketed as the Canadian release, it wasn't actually manufactured in Canada. It was manufactured in the UK (EU pressing) specifically for export to Canada (and most likely the U.S. as well), so the packaging and the CD are both from the UK.

What's even more interesting is how the packaging differs to the card sleeve version that was released in the UK. Despite the fact that I'm keeping this sealed, you can still see that this comes in a slim jewel case, with a folded paper insert. I'm assuming that the reversed side of the insert is completely blank, which is normally the case with these, but don't quote me on that. You can also see that the CD is identical to the UK release.

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