Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kate Bush: The Collection - Bootleg VHS Video

1990 bootleg video collection manufactured in the USA.

This came in a very cheap quality cardboard box, which is a shame because they made a decent attempt to do some good quality artwork on the cover.

The video contains a lot of various television appearances of Kate, but the back of the box doesn't doesn't do a very good job of listing the full contents. Only about half of the clips are listed here.

The video cassette is the real treat. They were too lazy to make any sort of label for it.

Bootleg videos were quite an expensive thing back in the day, but they were really the only way to see a lot of this stuff if you never had the chance to view them before. Remember, this was before the internet existed. One of the bigger drawbacks to bootleg videos, and even many of the early day DVD compilations, is that the quality of the clips varied considerably. Often times they consisted of 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation copies, which really downgraded the quality pretty badly. The clips were often wonky or stuck in video recorder tracking mode.

Vintage bootleg videos are still often expensive these days when they do turn up, but with sites like You Tube, where you can practically copy anything you like, there's really no need to be shelling out money for these things anymore.

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