Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Woman's Work - UK LP Box Set

I got the LP version of this box set back in 1990 when it first came out. I was lucky enough to find it about a month after getting the CD version. This was not cheap back in the day, but I am glad I got it when I did because I've never seen it again in person since. If I remember correctly, when the box set first came out at the time, it was the largest box set that had ever been put out by a music artist, so you can imagine how crazy that was.

From my understanding, out of the three formats this box set came in (Cassette, CD and LP), the LP version is the most sought after. I own both the CD and LP version of this box set, and although the LP version is very nice to have, I consider it a slight disappointment.

The best parts for me are the nice big box it comes in, and the largest version of the photo booklet you can get. The photo booklet is really nice. However, the album jackets are the real letdown in this box set. They're quite lightweight and inferior to the original releases. In fact, the albums are also reissues and not original releases. It would have been nice if something a little more special was done, considering this wasn't exactly cheap back in the day, and the price on this box set now, if you can find one, is absolutely astounding! Another disappointment are the album jackets for This Woman's Work I, II and III. They are extremely lightweight and flimsy. Actually, they're downright cheap. They can become damaged very easily if you're not careful - That's how cheap they are. Unless you're an original owner of one of these box sets, like myself, or manage to find one that's still new and sealed after all these years, which I doubt will happen, you really have no idea what condition these album jackets could possibly be in if you go looking for it.

For people wanting this particular box set, I always recommend they save their money and collect the original albums individually instead. The album jackets are superior quality, in my opinion, and you're getting original pressings as opposed to reissues. Original pressings are still floating around at more than reasonable prices, and usually in near mint condition, so it's really a cheaper alternative. Trust me. But, if people are determined to have this box set, my best advice would be to search out the CD version of it instead. I've seen it turn up on different various sites, so it's still out there.

As a side note, the box set was released in these quantities: LP Version (7,000), CD Version (7,000) and Cassette Version (4,000). This applies to the UK releases only as far as I know.

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