Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Woman's Work - UK LP Box Set

This is the LP box set of This Woman's Work, which I got back in 1990 when it was first released. This wasn't cheap to buy back then, but it sells for an absolute fortune now. If I remember correctly, at the time this was the largest ever box set that had ever been released by any artist. That was a pretty huge deal at the time.

From my understanding, out of the three formats this box set came in (Cassette, CD and LP), the LP version is the most sought after. I own both the CD and LP versions, and although the LP version is very nice to have, I consider it a slight disappointment. The album jackets are very lightweight and inferior to the original releases. In fact, the albums are also reissues and not original releases... minus the three extra volumes of course. As a side note, the box set was released in these quantities: LP Version (7,000), CD Version (7,000) and Cassette Version (4,000). This applies to the UK releases only as far as I know.



The first and only issue of these three volumes to date. Unfortunately, the jacket sleeves are extra slim, very flimsy and lightweight. They also damage very easily if you're not extra careful with them.


This is the largest version of the booklet, and it's stunning. Some of my favourite photos are in this booklet, including one of the Depeche Mode inspired ones. Photography credits are included on the last page.


All versions of the box set come with a set of stickers.

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