Saturday, June 26, 2010

On Stage - Japan 12" Release

When I originally posted this with photos, I only took photos showing the front and back of the record jacket as my copy was still sealed in its original shrink wrap plastic. However, since I've had this for so many years, the seam on the plastic has been slowly splitting over time. As I'm now attempting to redo everything on here with scans, I decided to finish opening this up so that I could take full scans of everything inside.

The Japanese record jacket has the same artwork as all other releases. The biggest difference between this release and other ones is the obi-strip... the wraparound piece of paper featured on the left-hand side. An obi-strip is typically found on LPs, 12" singles and CDs. They can contain marketing information, details about an album, and in some cases be elaborately designed. They are also highly collectable, and in a lot of cases have more value than the release itself. If you intend on collecting Japanese pressings make sure that the obi-strip is still intact. A lot of the value is gone on pressings where the obi-strip is missing, so keep that in mind.

This release also comes with a two page double-sided insert. The first side features all the photos found inside the 7" single. The opposite side has a few additional photos of Kate, along with the printed lyrics for the 4 tracks on this EP (English and Japanese) and some kind of written article on Kate written in Japanese.

The record comes in a clear plastic sleeve, and the record labels are fairly identical to how the UK ones appeared at that time.

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