Monday, June 21, 2010

Kate Bush On Stage - Canada 7" Single/12" Gatefold Sleeve

The Canadian 7" EP release of On Stage comes specially housed in a die-cut gatefold 12" sleeve. It's one of the more unique Canadian releases in my opinion. The front of the 12" gatefold also advertises The Kick Inside (Canadian release) and Lionheart. Interestingly enough, The Kick Inside is a photo, whereas Lionheart is an illustration. I've always found that a little odd.

The back of the gatefold sleeve is fairly plain, except for a bit of distribution information along the bottom. I suspect this was done on purpose because they needed most of the backing to create the inner flaps that would hold the 7" into place.

This just lets you see how the single looks resting inside of the sleeve. I also saved one of my original photos so that you can see the entire inside sleeve. As you can see, the inside is plain cardboard, which I think is a bit of a letdown.

The Canadian single also comes in a gatefold sleeve, with pretty much the same layout as the UK version. The record labels are different and feature the Harvest logo on them.

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