Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Whole Story - Original UK LP

This is the original UK release for The Whole Story on vinyl. My copy still retains its original circular sticker on the front cover, which is something you don't usually see on any copies you'd find these days. The front photo also has a sort of gloss finish to it, which isn't present on my Canadian copy. That one has more of a matte finish to the photo.

This is Kate's only "Greatest Hits" type album to date, and at the time it came out, I hadn't really been a fan for all that long. I really got into Kate during the Hounds of Love era, so The Whole Story was still something fresh and new for me even if the tracks weren't. Looking at it now a million years later, it makes me wonder why Kate chose some of the tracks that she did for this collection, while clearly neglecting others. Since I'll never know the answer to that, I might as well shut up about it.

I do like that the album is a gatefold, and the inside is nicely presented with photos, chart positions on albums and tracks, with a sort of chronological photo timeline along the bottom. I also have the cassette of The Whole story poked somewhere, and the insert comes with one of those mile long unfolding booklet things inside. All the photos and information found on the inside of the LP gatefold can also be found on the inside of the cassette... for those of you that want to know. Sometimes the design layout between albums and cassettes can vary immensely, so I just thought I'd point that out.

The record features picture labels... sort of, and the "KT" logo has been scratched into the run off vinyl on only the UK version as far as I know.

The back of the album features a nice shot from the Cloudbusting video.

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