Thursday, April 16, 2015

New(ish) posts coming later on today

Later today I will be re-adding the UK 7" single for Wuthering Heights on here (first issue and reissue) as two separate posts for the first time. They will also have all new scans, so you can see what I will be attempting to do on here. Originally, I had both of these singles crammed together into one post, which, looking at it now, doesn't really work. Unfortunately, I did this with quite a few of Kate's earlier singles, so those ones will be getting completely new and separate posts in time - with all new scans. Clearly I won't need to do this with everything on here, but I will be replacing old photos with new scans on pre-existing posts. It will be a time consuming process, but hopefully everyone will understand better what I'm doing and like the end result.

Anytime a pre-existing post has been updated with new scans, I will of course make mention of that fact in the updates section, along with anything else that's completely new I'm adding to the site.

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