Friday, June 28, 2013

New Blog Page is up - Postcards

I finally got my new blog page done, and the focus of that one is postcards. Well, any remaining postcards I still have. I gave loads of them away to people years ago, so I was surprised to discover I had as many left as I do.

It was a pain to do for a number of reasons… mainly because my scanner kept stalling and I had to hit it A LOT to keep it going. Sometimes getting violent with your devices does pay. It was also making me crazy trying to do the layout of the page in a way that wouldn’t confuse everyone. So if you’re confused when you see it, then welcome to my world J

As always, you will find my Blog Pages on the right-hand side somewhere. If for some unexplained reason you don’t see it, you can always click right “Here”. Right clicking each photo up into a new window will make each photo much larger for better viewing.

This will probably be my last post for June. But, you know... July is coming up, which means more stuff.

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