Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kate Bush - Record Store Day 2013

By now everyone knows that Kate is releasing a Limited Edition 10" vinyl single for the 2012 version of Running Up That Hill for Record Store Day, and not a 12" vinyl single for Eat The Music like all the hoaxers were trying to get people to believe.

Just to let everyone know, I will not be wasting my time with this one at all. Even though I've been a die-hard fan for many years, I also have to know when to let go... and I'm letting go here. I have to because the stress of what happened to me and a lot of other people last year isn't worth a repeat in my opinion. I'm still very disgusted with what happened last year with the Lake Tahoe 10" single, even though I did manage to get one through Kate's site later on. I seriously don't see the point of RSD if it's only going to cater to scammers... and it does. RSD is supposed to promote music and get people interested in music, but all it's really doing is catering to scammers, so they can rip off the people who do have a love for the music/artist. I don't condone that, and I will not promote RSD because of it.

I also think after last year's fiasco Kate should have been a little more "aware" of the situation, and opted to sell this year's release through her site instead to give real fans a better opportunity to own a copy. The exact same thing will happen again this year, and I'm choosing not to waste my time with it.

For all those who choose to put themselves through that again - good luck to you! You'll need it.

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