Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lithographs (Quick Update)

Just to let everyone know, I have ordered two of the lithographs from Kate's shop, and I will be looking at those just as soon as they arrive.

In the end, I decided to pass on the canvasses. Considering their size and price, not to mention how much it would have cost to have it shipped, I felt it was too expensive. Plus, I have heard some discouraging things about them, so I decided to wait and see what else the shop would come up with.

I was hoping for lithographs, just like during the Aerial period, so I'm really glad they decided to offer them this time around. I have ordered my two favourite ones, which you will all see when they arrive. Good or bad, I plan on bitching a lot about them : )

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  1. Can't wait to see your 2 15-min videos on lithos! Bitch around as much as you want.

    I would give me cat away fro that peeping Aerial Kate! Maybe in my next life...


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