Thursday, May 1, 2014

Original Tour Guest Pass (unused)

This is an original and completely unused guest pass from Kate’s original tour in ’79. Finding an original guest pass, or even a promoters facility pass these days would be extremely difficult. Finding either in an unused condition would be pretty rare.

Guest Passes were nothing more than peel and stick adhesive stickers – measuring 4” x 5”. Promoter passes had the exact same design layout as guest passes, except they were red in colour and had “Promoters Facility Pass” printed on them. I do have a promoter pass somewhere, but I haven’t seen the thing in years. If I recall correctly, they were also pretty much the same size as a guest pass, but they were made from card stock instead.

Legitimate tour passes of any kind very rarely ever turn up… and I do mean VERY RARELY. All the garbage you see online claiming to be original tour passes are just that – garbage.  The colour “VIP Passes”, the laminated lanyards and even the badly zerox two-tone passes claiming to be from the Bill Duffield benefit concert in ’79 are all faked garbage that people have made at home. Stay away from that stuff because you’re only ripping yourself off.

This tour pass will also be found in my blog page for the Tour of Life Tour Programme.

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