Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kate Bush Club - Merchandise Insert from 1980

Merchandise insert from 1980. If I recall correctly, I believe this insert originally came with club magazine #6, but don’t quote me on that as I’ve had these inserts out of the magazines and stored separately for a very long time.

Anyway, this one shows you some of the various badges and other things you could buy at the time. I bet it makes some of you out there want to cry right about now just to see how cheap all of this stuff was selling for back in the day.

One interesting thing about this advert is the multi-image badges the models are wearing at the bottom left-hand side. They appear awfully large here... a lot larger than they actually are in reality. I'm presuming this was intentionally done so that the camera would pick up the images much better.

This merchandise insert will also be found in the blog page for the Kate Bush Club near the bottom.

* As a side note: Blogger seems to be casting odd looking shadows to some of my scans. I don't know why this is happening, but it can't be helped.

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