Friday, December 6, 2013

Kate Bush - Interview (Picture Disc)

This picture disc was put out by Discussion Records in the UK. It’s another unofficial release, but it’s nice though. It comes in a full colour picture sleeve as well, and although the sleeve itself is very thin and flimsy, it makes a nice change as most picture discs that were put out were either released in a cheap pvc sleeve or generic die-cut sleeve which usually got lost anyway.

The record uses the same photos that are found on the front and back of the sleeve, but they’re stunning. The Interview runs about 45 minutes total, and it appears to have been recorded just as Never For Ever was released, or about to be released. The only shame about this interview is that it was recorded in a pretty public place, so there is a lot of background noise throughout. Apart from that, it’s still a nice one. Kate talks about the press in general, and her appreciation of them being nice towards her while becoming more established as an artist. She talks about the songs on the album being more emotional, stronger and moving into a different direction from her previous work and loads of other things. It’s another really enthusiastic interview with Kate, so if you can get past the noise factor in the background, it’s worth listening to.

This was also pressed on coloured vinyl. I can’t remember if they did several different colours or not, but I do know it was pressed in yellow with only 300 copies made. Personally, I think the picture disc version looks nicer.

I think this one also got a CD release if I remember correctly, which was even issued with a so called limited edition number.

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