Sunday, May 15, 2011

Director's Cut - UK Release

Director’s Cut is out today in the UK. I had hoped that the release date would be the same in all countries, but unfortunately this is not the case, so I have to wait an extra week for it to get a release here. I have also ordered the UK standard release of this CD, as well as the deluxe version and the double LP. I will post my thoughts and feelings on all of these when they do arrive. I highly doubt that I will be opening up the vinyl release when it arrives, but I’ll still add it here and ramble about it a bit. Meanwhile, I have to wait an additional week before it’s officially released here. I intend on buying a local copy and posting it as well. Also, when my UK copy arrives, I can compare the two to see if there are any differences with the packaging and stuff.

Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying Director’s Cut today : )

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