Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tour of Life prints

Ok, so I'm slowly going to start posting again. I thought I'd post something simple, but slightly interesting: Prints from The Tour of Life.

I got these in England a long time ago. They were selling in a well known shop in Central London, as I recall, but the name eludes me. They had a lot of different shots from the tour. I can't even tell you how many different ones they had. It was a lot! What I can tell you is that they were available to buy in three different sizes. The ones I have are 5"x7", which were also the cheapest. I can't recall if these ones were 50p each or 1 quid each. There was another size up from these ones, and I have no idea what the dimensions were. Then finally, the largest size up from that. At a guess, I'd say that the largest size was roughly 8"x10", and they were also the most expensive. The only information on the back of these photos is that they were printed on Mitsubishi Colour Paper. They also have a matte finish to them.

I have no knowledge as to how "official" or "legal" these photos were at the time they were being sold, or how hard they are to come by now. What I do know is that some of the photos I bought, I have never seen any of them turning up on the internet at all. Perhaps they are on here somewhere, but I have never personally seen them. I bought 25 photos/prints in total, and this is just 6 from my pile. I thought it would make better sense to display a few so you can see them better, as opposed to the whole lot, and trying to figure out what's in each photo.

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